Adrenaline Rush
This 5-minute long tone uses the frequency of 20 Hz, which stimulates the adrenal glands. This is a higher octave of 10 Hz, which performs the same function, but numerous personal tests have shown that this higher octave provides similar effects but with a more alert mental state.
Astral 2
This 15-minute long tone was designed to aid in astral projection while using filtered brown noise and sine wave pulses. This is an alternative to the Astral Projection tone for those who found the tone to be too long and the filtered background music too distracting.
Astral Projection
This 30-minute long tone was designed to aid in astral projection.
This 15-minute long tone uses frequencies to aid in the viewing of auras.
Chakra Balancing
This tone uses 2 frequencies that are said to helpful in balancing your body's chakras. If you do not know anything about chakras then I would advise you to do some research on them first. 15 minutes long.
Chakra Meditation
This tone is designed to be an hour-and-a-half long journey through the chakras, starting at the root and moving up to the crown chakra in ascending order. Each chakra frequency last roughly 11 minutes long before moving to the next one.
Christ Consciousness
This tone uses frequencies that will unlock states of higher learning, spiritual knowledge, and harmony with oneself. 20 minutes long.
This 15-minute long tone is a modified version of Weightless made as per Christof's request. It uses a "warmer" background track instead of the springtime meadows sound used in the original weightless. It is best described as "part weightless and part nirvana" and is a great way to unwind after a long day of work.
This 15-minute long recreational tone is designed to take you on a closed-eye adventure. It uses frequencies found in the brain's of people on certain substances, as well as an experimental frequency, all while set to a soothing piano background track.
Deep Meditation (Background Only)
This 30-minute session is designed to induce states of deep meditation, unlike the other Deep Meditation tone this one only contains a background track. The background track has been filtered to contain the same frequencies as the normal Deep Meditation tone.
Deep Meditation
This 30-minute tone is designed to bring you to states of extremely relaxed, deep meditation. It is an excellent meditation aid, but if you find the sound of the tones too distracting, try the Deep Meditation (Background Only) track offered above.
This tone is designed to get you into a pleasant dreamy state in a short time. 5 minutes long.
Earth Energy
This one-hour uses the Earth Resonance frequency of 7.83 Hz to provide a sense of relaxed grounding followed by an alert, energized state.
Energy Now
This 10-minute long beta tone is designed to give you that extra boost of energy you need to get through the day.
This 5-minute long tone is designed to take you to a pleasant, floaty state.
This tone uses several filters, effects, and frequencies to provide an enjoyable state of being. There is a transition around the 11-minute mark in which the tones fade out, this is not the end of the session however. This tone requires stereo headphones. 15 minutes long.
The name describes this one perfectly. As you feel yourself pulled into the sounds experience soothing sensations throughout your body. Warming and Calming|15 minutes.
This 5-minute long tone aims to bring the listener to a hazy state of awareness. For best results listened with eyes closed.
Heart Chakra
This 15-minute tone aims to aid in opening and stimulating the heart chakra.
This 20-minute long recreational tone is highly experimental and is designed to provide a "stimulating yet sedating" experience. Experience a relaxing yet alert state that will shift from energized to sedated throughout the tone.
This 10-minute tone is designed to gradually bring the listener into a state of "vivid thinking" accompanied with pleasant body effects.
This 20-minute tone is designed to bring the brain to a state that will make it more perceptive to your imagination. Sit back and let your imagination run wild.
Inner Awareness
This 30-minute tone is designed to take you deep within your mind as you reach a state of heightened inner awareness. It is said that increased inner awareness can lead to greater spiritual knowledge, and some believe it can help in meeting your personal spirit guide.
Inner Peace
This 15-minute long tone has been reported to create a blissful feeling of complete inner peace and harmony.
This brand new one-hour long tone is designed to show you what isochronic tones can do. Be prepared for a deeply relaxing tone that uses several experimental frequencies in the delta and alpha ranges until it ends in high beta leaving you with an alert, focused mind.
This tone produces some weird effects. It can be used as a quick session before bed if you are jittery and awake, but if you are really having trouble falling asleep I'd recommend the sleep tone, as this is more of a recreational tone. 5 minutes long.
This 20-minute long tone is designed to let your mind climb the ladder of consciousness and experience wonderful states of awareness.
Testers of this recreational tone reported long trains of thought, surges of energy and euphoria, numbness, lightheadedness and vivid daydreams. 20 minutes long.
This 17-minute recreational tone is designed to provide maximum effects in a short time. It is much "trippier" than our other short tones (excluding meadows, which uses similar frequencies), and should be listened to in a relaxing place. Try to keep your eyes closed for at least the first 5 minutes or so.
This tone uses frequencies to help with manifestation. It brings your brain to a state in which it is more open to suggestion, aiding you in making your thoughts a reality. 10 minutes long.
Let the calming sounds of the outdoors take you deep into a trance for this 15 minute long isochronic tone.
Meditative Visualization
This hour-long tone is intended for visualization and deep meditation. It uses filtered background sounds rather than traditional isochronic tones to aid in reaching the desired state faster with less distractions.
This 15-minute recreational tone is designed to take you into the depths of your mind with spaciness and long, winding trains of thought.
A relaxing, euphoric tone|it's recommended that you leave your eyes closed for at least the first 5 minutes to feel it's relaxing, soothing effect. 15 minutes of happiness.
Past Life Regression
This 15-minute long tone uses several frequencies, including one that is used in the ESP tone, said to aid in past life regression.
Preparation X
This tone is based off of the same concept as HighLow, but it has been modified further to intensify the "up-down" effects. 20 minutes long.
This 15-minute tone is designed to bring you into a state associated with strong emotional feelings, bodily warmth, tingling, and euphoria.
Purple 2
This 20-minute long tone is similar to Purple but provides an added burst of energy toward the end.
This 5-minute long tone is designed to calm the nerves. Very useful if you need to build confidence before an important event such as a performance, or if you just want to reach a pleasant state of relaxation and comfort.
This recreational tone is designed to bring you to a state of both happiness and relaxation. This state of deep relaxation can lead to decreased reaction time, slow movement and euphoria. 15 minutes long.
Theta 432
This unique tone will provide best results if used during meditation. Designed to entrain to the theta state with a carrier of 432 Hz, a frequency said to be universal throughout nature. 15 minutes long.
Third Eye
This tone uses several frequencies to stimulate the pineal gland as well as aid in the visual pickup of mental objects. 30 minutes long.
This tone combines two popular methods of brainwave entrainment as it starts off with a binaural beat and slowly transitions into an isochronic tone. This combination has provided both the testers and myself with very pleasant effects. This tone requires stereo headphones. 15 minutes long.
This 15-minute long tone can be thought of as a wave. The effects slowly build-up as the "wave" gets bigger until it finally breaks and the effects hit full-force as they wash over you.
This tone is intended for use in a calm, serene environment. Close your eyes and let it take you to a world free of stress and worry. It is 15 minutes long.
This tone shares the same, if not better, pain relieving effects of both fuzzy and nirvana, but it has more of an energizing effect rather than a sedating one. Perfect for mid-day pain relief when you don't want to be left in a deeply relaxed state after listening. 15 minutes long.
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